Sensual Parlour

How can the right combination of essential oils help you ignite that passionate flame you (and your lover) crave?

Sensual Parlour: The Essentials of Sexy is the brainchild of Evelyn Castro Kleven and Robin Juliet. We met in 2016 and found out we’re both passionate about helping people have more vibrant, exciting sex lives. Oooh la la!


Sensual Parlour posts and events focus on how certain essential oil recipes help us feel sexy, connect with our lovers, and add sizzle between the sheets. We will share how to make the most out of each “Essentials of Sexy” recipe. Think of it as sex ed with a wink.

Sensual Parlour is an inclusive group where our guests (21+) learn how to get more out of their sex lives regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or single/couple status.