Have a go-to erotic story running through your head as you reach down and . . . . ?

C’mon. Tell me ALL the dirty details.

Here’s your chance to see what those naughty internal porned-out movie trailers look like in print. Share the quickies published here with lovers and close friends. Or, enjoy them alone *wink*.


We all have our kinks. Let’s share them. Anonymously. Embellished. Raw.

These hot little fantasy stories are all about pleasure–YOUR pleasure. Her pleasure. Their pleasure. Our pleasure.

That’s right–Robin Juliet is here to pleasure YOU by bringing your own personal porn to the page.

Robin Juliet will take your smutty little secrets (real or imagined) and turn them into quickies (fictionalized posts) you and other readers can enjoy.

No need to divulge anything potentially REVEALING about who you are or where you live–all I need is the DIRT. Fill in as little or as much as you want below and check back often to find your quickie fantasy HERE.