I encourage readers to make friends with their fantasies and share deep desires with their partner(s). All of my writing is for adult audiences, sex positive, and some of it is NSFW.

Robin Juliet’s Involuntary Reflex

Whether it’s a knee-jerk response to something he said . . . a shudder that races down your spine every time she walks into the room . . . or those goose-bumps that come out of nowhere-Sometimes the subconscious takes over in mysterious ways.

Involuntary Reflex exposes moments when the brain is left in the dark, and the body goes for it.


The tickling pulse just before an orgasm.
Those annoying little hiccups.
Trembling with pleasure.

Excerpt from Involuntary Reflex:

That’s better. Feeling the flow from my head to my hands, I let my mind wander. Maybe one of Spencer’s stories can make its way into a new novel.

It’d be a different kind of book, of course. More like a Cialis ad than the typical kind of romance I write. Would my readers be interested in older, more lifelike characters? Maybe.

Sometimes truth is crazier than fiction. So many of my friends do things without thinking. It’s like a gut reaction. Out comes all sorts of nonsense just because they’re caught up in the moment with a new man. Or even their husbands.

I do it too. Ludicrous notions swing up at me like a knee getting hit with a mallet.
Then I blurt them out.
Then I regret it.
It’s an involuntary reflex.

Robin Juliet’s Trouble

Lily and Clay’s story from the Where Lust and Love Collide series


Trouble is when freedom becomes nothing left to lose. We’re free to try and fail and succeed and start all over if necessary. Like the vagabond lovers immortalized by Janis Joplin, trouble is that intersection where lust and love collide.

I would have answered you sooner, but I could tell you were trouble.

Trouble as in awesome?

Yes, especially in my bed.


You got that right. I’m the woman you want to love and leave and lust after, all wrapped up in a tightly knit package. Troubling, isn’t it?

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Lily is a successful woman who finds herself looking for love in all the wrong places. She enjoys owning her own shop and hanging out with her dog, but she truly enjoys the pleasures of the flesh. Meeting men has never been a problem, but keeping them is a whole different story. Will Craiglist be the answers to her prayers, or bring out the demons of her darkest desires?

We enjoyed riding this intoxicating emotional roller coaster. While Lily thinks she has it all, we still find her sex and lies spinning out of control. Robin writes a fascinating story and includes some of the steamier parts of Denver that these two blondes know all too well.

Bases Loaded: Baseball Erotica

Bases are loaded and there’s potential for multiple home runs in this sexy collection of Baseball erotica!

Bases Loaded compiles twelve seriously sexy short stories that will have you rooting for the happy ending, even if you are not a baseball fan like the editor.


All of the authors in this anthology have a unique take on the game and the hit players, which is guaranteed to make you want to go up to bat!

So go ahead, you’re up and the bases are loaded!

Featuring stories by: L. Maretta, Malin James, C.P. McClennan, Yolanda Shoshanda, Robin Juliet, Rosalía Zizzo, Nicole Wilder, Thomma Finland, Vita Perez, Tomio Hall-Black, Lexi Hayes and Oleander Plume.