Now, That’s a Good Question!

Teachers have a bad habit of telling their students there’s no such thing as a bad question. I taught middle school for a measly three years, and those kids came up with some of the worst questions possible all in the name of time suck.

Nothing like 100+ seventh grader to set the record straight.

When I talk to married men about life with their wife, ex-wife, and past girlfriends, I probably ask a few stupid questions myself. I’ve never been married, so I’m sure some of the shit that comes out of my mouth seems pretty naive.

Is it true there’s a thing called a Birthday Blowjob?

What’s the stupidest thing you and your wife regularly fight over?

What makes a woman marriage material?

When these guys find out I research, write about, and share information about dating, relationships, and sex they do one of two things:

1. Light up because they have a question to ask me

2. Turn their back and ignore me the rest of the night.

From the group still willing to chat with me, I get two questions each and every time. One is sexual and one isn’t. They both have to do with keeping their marriage alive and thriving. The men asking them are always extremely sincere. I rarely get one of the questions without the other.

Any Guesses?

More than anything else, married men want me to help get their wives to believe them when they tell her she’s still extremely sexy. Baby fat. Wrinkles. Muffin tops. Saggy boobs. All of it. They love you–and you’re the sexiest thing they love. They wish you believed them.

The second question is how to get their wives to give them blow jobs more frequently.

The Answers

The answers are the kind of thing we’re going to talk about at our Sensual Parlour events.  Using the oils as a jumping off place, Evelyn and I are going to share secrets about how to feel more sexy (and, in turn) more interested in sex. Even oral sex.

See you soon!


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